Saturday 25 Oct 2014

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2nd Peter 1:1-11 Devotional, & Brief Update on our Team

This morning in my personal devotions I was reading in 1st Peter & 2nd Peter. 2 Peter 1:1-11 really cut deep today and spoke to my Spirit. I posted this small revelation on Facebook of what God taught me through […]

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Julissa, Lynda, CJ, Chelsea, Brandon, & Myself.

Beautiful hallway baptisms in Peru, Church retreat, NASA? Pictures too…

I seriously pray that this post finds you in a blessed state from the Lord in the rewards from your time in the secret place (Matthew 6 &

What I’m currently Reading & Listening to

Be Encouraged. Aside from reading the Bible every day, which is absolutely core to keeping a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father, my Spirit still hungers for more... Entonces

When God doesn’t heal?

An Unplanned Devotional on sickness, and when you DON'T get healed:    *After writing - The Holy Spirit just started typing, and I just started watching. I was only


Beach Time, Halloween Event, & more healings in Peru

60 Second Update: - Enjoyed this week's day off at the beach for the first time in Peru. - God is still welcoming new people to His Kingdom every week


Dealing With the Demonic, Seeing More Spiritual Fruit, & God Changing my View on Church.

Short on time? 1 minute update: - New Christians at every Sunday night service & more at an event & a Casa Abierta (10 total since I last wrote) -

Brenda fearlessly sharing the gospel to kids and their parents

77 Salvations, More Miracles, & Desert Outreach in Week #3!

WOAH! It has it been an INCREDIBLE 3rd week of training here in Peru! So amazing, that I wanted to start off this update with the word "Woah" instead


Peru Week #2 – A Physical Healing Miracle, & more!

(Above left to right - CJ Childs (teammate), Chelsea Weber (teammate), Haley, Lynda, Tyler, & Ron Webb, me, and Brandon Doerkson (teammate/roommate) ) *originally written and sent out on


1st week in Peru. Changes, Baptisms, & Spanish

*Originally written and sent out October 1st, 2012* Writing to you from Arequipa, Peru, my temporary home for the next 5+ months. I've been here for a week now,

Missions Prayer Card med

I Quit My Band & Job & I’m Moving to South America – Reason for my vacancy!

Travel and Credit readers, I have to apologize for the lack of updates recently! My life has been absolutely flipped upside down over the last 2 months since